Fact Sheet of Villas

Fact Sheet


The Residence Villas: Price starts approximately from THB 220 M.

The Family Suites: Price starts approximately from THB 28 M.

Terms of Payment

Residence Villa & Family Suite:

  1. 1,000,000 Baht – Reservation Payment payable upon signing Reservation Form
  2. 20% of the Purchase price, Less 1,000,000 Baht – Payable upon signing the Agreement
  3. A further down payment of 70% of the Purchase Price Installments – payable over 4 months, commencing one month after the signing of Agreement
  4. 10% of the Purchase Price – Payable upon the date of registration & transfer of ownership of the Unit

Other expenses of the Purchaser

For Common Area:

The maintenance charge of 40 Baht per Sq. M. per month of the villa built up area will be payable one year in advance upon transfer of ownership. The subject charges include the following services:

  • – 24 hrs. security guards
  • – Ground maintenance for all common areas
  • – Electricity for all common areas
  • – Garbage disposal
  • – M & E preventive maintenance

The sinking fund will be collected at the rate of 200 Baht per Sq. M. of the villa built up area (payable upon transfer of ownership), for long term maintenance of repair of capital items & infrastructure.

For Residence.

  • – Utilities Expenses (Water, Electricity, Telephone, Cable TV)
  • – Insurance, for the villa & all fittings & loose furniture
  • – Maid services

The villa owner will be entitled to attend annual meetings with representatives of the Developer to review the performance of the property manager & condition of the project. In such an annual meeting, the villa owner may make recommendations as to the management of the property, which recommendations will be duly considered by the Developer & the property manager.

Information for first time purchaser

Taxes, fee, & expenses before the transfer of title deed:

Legal cost

Taxes, fee, & expenses upon registration of the lease & transfer of the villa

  • – The lease is for 30+30+30 years, all prepaid included in list price. The first thirty-year lease is registered at the Land Department, Phuket.
  • – Registration Fee & Stamp Duty for the land lease is 1.1% of the total lease value, paid by the Purchaser.
  • – The transfer fee for the villa is 2% of assessed value shared equally between the Developer & the Purchaser.
  • – Sinking fund of 200 Baht per Sq. M. of the Villa built up area (one time only)
  • – Common area service charges at 40 Baht per Sq. M. per month of the villa built up area, 1 year prepaid

Ongoing taxes & expenses

  • – Maintenance costs
  • – Common area service charges
  • – Utility expenses (Electricity & Water)
  • – Property tax is payable to the local authority in Phuket. If the villa is not rented out (used only for the owner’s residential purpose), property tax is not applicable. However, if the villa is rented out, the property tax is charged at 12.5% of the annual rental income assessed by the local authority.

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